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Project Description
HalfNetworkNET is a C++/CLI network library which designed for .NET platform. You can make a server application, which should process massive network data efficiently such as online game server, easily with this library.

Support Platform

  • OS : Windows XP later
  • Visual Studio : Visual Studio 2010
  • .NET Framework : 4.0

HalfNetworkNET is a network library using C++/CLI. You can use it on .NET platform. It is very easy to use especially massive network processing such as online game. Basically, it is from HalfNetwork.

HalfNetwork is a network library using C++. See following link for more details.

HalfNetworkNET은 네트웍 라이브러인 HalfNetwork 라이브러리를 닷넷 플랫폼에서 사용할 수 있도록 C++/CLI을 사용하여 만든 네트웍 라이브러리입니다.
HalfNetworkNET은 대규모 네트웍 환경에서의 사용과(특히 온라인 게임) 간단한 사용법이 가장 큰 장점입니다.

HalfNetwork에 대해서 잘 모르는 분들은 아래의 사이트를 참고해 주세요

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